Victoria Jevons – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: Maths

I have been Assistant Co-ordinator of Key Stage 4 since joining the School. Previously I was Lead Practitioner for Maths at my last school and prior to that I was Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator.

I have worked at variety of schools and I have found that the needs of the pupils and how they can get the most out the subject can vary greatly.  I have been given opportunities to work with and lead teachers both in my specialism and on a cross curricular basis and am always willing to share good practice. I feel teaching, no matter what level you are at, always has something new to offer and I am not afraid to test new ideas or support others in trying new methods.

I have developed and delivered whole school activities, which have improved both the enjoyment of the subject and engagement in the classroom.

As Lead Practitioner, I had the opportunity to collaborate with other departments and middle leaders to provide a consistent approach to delivering Maths throughout the whole curriculum. The model I devised was then rolled out to the whole school to ensure pupils received a consistent diet of Maths across all subjects.

I have used coaching skills extensively throughout my teaching career. I have attended several courses regarding the coaching model. As part of the Outstanding Teacher Program, which I completed in 2014, I was part of a Coaching Triad with English and Geography teachers. The coaching program gave the opportunity and freedom for us to work through any problems we might be having in a creative and supportive manner. Being a cross curricular group was also helpful as, it gave the opportunity to ‘think outside the box’ and take risks in our practice whilst having a supportive mechanism to help you through any problems that may arise.