Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)


Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar roles in other schools. They understand what outstanding leadership practice in their area of expertise looks like and are skilled in helping others to achieve it in their own context.

At Barnsley Teaching School Alliance we are able to help broker support to schools within Barnsley and beyond. Our designated SLEs can be requested by name or we can advise who is best suited for individual particular settings.

Our SLEs are able to undertake a range of activities; delivering workshops, school to school support work, delivering professional development, audits, diagnostics, working one on one with staff.

If you are interested in discussing your school to school support needs with us please do not hesitate to contact Theresa Di’Iasio or Julie Tallant to discuss your requirements.

Theresa Di’Iasio – Barnsley TSA Director –  director@barnsleytsa.co.uk

Julie Tallant – Barnsley TSA Manager –  manager@barnsleytsa.co.uk


Barnsley TSA currently has Primary, Secondary and Special SLEs from a range of settings

Click on the SLE name to view individual SLE Pen Portraits:

Primary SLEs:

Claire Wiggan – Assessment & Early Years

Catherine Green – Assessment, ITT & NQT Development

Kate Ainley – Maths, ITT, Teaching & Learning

David Taylor – Maths

Ann Farr – Maths

Sarah Dougal – Maths/EYFS

Jenny Chambers – English, ITT, NQT Development

Lesley Sullivan – English

Rachel Chambers – Literacy, SEN

Louise Dring – Literacy, ITT, NQT Development, Teaching & Learning

Lisa Gray – Learning Mentor, Behaviour, Nurture

Vanessa Johnston – ICT, SEN

Fiona Rao – MFL, Leadership of CPD

Secondary SLEs:

Tom Gray – Maths

Amanda Neeve – Maths, ITT & NQT Development

Hannah Thornton – Maths

Chris Brailsford – Maths

Victoria Jevons – Maths

Ian Brook – English, ITT & NQT Development

Nazreen Khan – English

Sarah Mann – English

Michael Payton-Greene – English

Amy Wardley – English

Rachel Barker – Science, Leadership of Curriculum

Alex Berry – Physics, Science

Martin Clee – Science

Richard Lacey – Science

Adam Nicholson – Science, ITT & NQT Development

Cara Quibell – Science, ITT & NQT Development, Leadership of CPD

Kirsty Vickers – Geography

Jose Garcia – Geography

Elouise Henderson – History

Nargis Ola Craig – Leadership of CPD, ITT & NQT Development

Andrew Catterall – Leadership of CPD

Keith Hirst – Teaching & Learning

Claire Huddart – Teaching & Learning

Jordan Cairnes – P.E, Behaviour

Jodie Gregory – P.E

Kate Bancroft – P.E, ITT & NQT Development

Richard Jones – P.E, Leadership of CPD

Nicola Powell – Dance, Drama

Michael O’Brien – Assessment

Katy Taylor – R.E, SEN

Sian Roberts-Commons – R.E

Mark Neesam – MFL

Donna Watkins – Music

Charlotte Isherwood – Art, Leadership of CPD, Assessment

Daragh Swain – Design & Technology

Special School (SEND, BESD) and PRU SLEs:

Malcolm Baker – Behaviour, Nurture, Leadership of CPD, SEN

Laura Darvill – Behaviour, Nurture

Daniel Foster – Behaviour, Nurture

Donna Martin – Behaviour, Nurture, Leadership of CPD, SEN

Luke Mitchell – Leadership of  CPD

Verity Watts – Behaviour, Nurture, Leadership of Curriculum, SEN

Sarah Parker – Assessment, Leadership of  Curriculum

Diane Greaves – Leadership of Curriculum, SEND

Ian Shires – Leadership of CPD, Music, SEN

Marie Harper – SEN

Sharon Wainwright – SEN

School Business Management:

Kelly Baker – School Business Management (Secondary)

Joanne Boreham – School Business Management (Primary)

Josh Greaves – School Business Management (Special, Academy Trust)