Sharon Wainwright – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: SEN

Previously I have worked as a teacher in a range of different settings in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and overseas. The majority of my teaching experience is within the primary phase. In September 2005 I began teaching at a Special School in Barnsley. I work with children with severe and complex learning difficulties and gained experience in managing challenging behaviours, supporting children with communication difficulties, sensory processing issues and physical disabilities.

I have participated in training for Advanced Team Teach and regularly support students across the School (2-19 provision) with managing their feelings and behaviour as a member of the Alarm Response Team. In addition I have also attended external training on Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and use this on a daily basis with pupils. I am a Makaton Local Tutor and train parents and carers with how to use Makaton signs from stages 1 to 4. I also support staff in school with using signs to support pupils to access the curriculum. My current whole school responsibility is communication and interaction and I work in collaboration with four Lead Teaching Assistants, one HLTA and various other professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists to ensure that pupils are supported to overcome their communication difficulties as much as is possible.

More recently I have completed my NPQSL qualification whilst working as a Lead Teacher at my current School. During this time I continued to develop my skills in leadership and in November 2014 I was successful in securing the position of Assistant Head teacher.

I currently lead and oversee my school’s satellite provision across other schools in Barnsley. My role also includes offering outreach support to other settings through this. This involves identifying priority outcomes for the school or identified pupils and providing bespoke services that are outcome focused.

Whilst working in this role, I have had a significant impact on my own school’s performance. Part of the School Improvement Plan involves a significant level of collaborative working with mainstream schools across the borough as we strives to meet the aspirational target set out in the SIP.

I have worked with a number of different mainstream schools and have contributed to planning and delivering personalised intervention plans for pupils with SEN. Most of these pupils have continued to be educated in mainstream and are working towards the priority outcomes. Some are now educated at my school and have had a very positive transition as a result.