Sarah Mann – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: English

I am currently Curriculum Area Leader for English at a Secondary school. I have been in post at this school since April 2015. Prior to this, I was Head of English and Literacy for 6 years at my last school.

Through my strong leadership, I have a successful track record of leading a department to achieving outstanding results. At my last school, the department consistently achieved outstanding results both against college targets and national comparisons. At Post 16, ALPS scores were consistently good or outstanding for the courses that we offered.

My success as a leader has been the result of a clear vision that has been shared with the department from the outset. To be successful, a team needs to have a shared responsibility for common goals. I have always created a strategic action plan, both short and long term, so that members of the team are aware of the importance and value of any task they are asked to complete. I believe that leading by example plays a vital role in ensuring that my team is fully committed and understands the high expectations placed upon them. I have implemented robust systems to enable me to effectively monitor the performance of both staff and students to ensure success, embedding them into everyday practice.

Communication is a key strength. I am approachable, positive and fair in my dealings with all staff and have found this to be greatly beneficial when leading a large department made up of a wide range of differing personalities.