Sarah Dougal – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: EYFS/Maths

My expertise is managing the foundation unit, supporting staff and working with children to deliver the EYFS curriculum effectively. Alongside this, I have a wide range of experience in early number where I could support teachers working with children with specific needs in early number.

My current role is Early Years Foundation Stage leader in a unit which has 132 children on roll, 80 full time and 52 part time. My previous roles include Number Count Teacher and Key Stage 1 Leader. I have also had experience of teaching all year groups across the primary school in the role of Advanced Skills Teacher in Early Years for over 10 years.

I have a wide range of experiences of working with other teachers. At present in my school I have completed training in early numbers with all staff and am supporting teachers and TA’s with implementing Numicon.

In my previous roles as a Numbers Count Teacher Sarah trained TA’s in early number, along with the teaching staff. Prior to this I worked as an AST with Lancashire Authority supporting teachers in a wide range of schools and then working with Leeds I also supported leaders and teachers in schools with a specific focus on EYFS and Key Stage 1.