Nicci Powell – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: Drama.

Throughout the last few years, I have been involved with devising and implementing creative and effective strategies that focus on key whole school initiatives, through staff Continuous Professional Development, coaching and effective monitoring and review of impact. Additionally, I have helped in the creation of an online resource bank, created effective marking and homework policies and planned and delivered whole school INSET based on staffs individual needs. I have also worked closely with a team of colleagues responsible for T&L with a focus on assessment and effective feedback to pupils. In various roles, I have worked alongside staff in most departments in a wide variety of different situations, including experimenting with whole school teaching and learning initiatives. Staff development is an area that has been significant in my career. I have delivered numerous INSET sessions to whole staff, at LEA days, Heads conferences and NQT induction sessions. On numerous occasions I have been asked to lead on Teaching and Learning at whole school training sessions to support senior leaders and I believe staff and outside agencies would speak highly of my contributions and value the support and advice I have been able to offer. I have initiated and nurtured excellent links with the Primary schools, as a teacher and an advisor and have established close links and created opportunities to share good practice across key stages. I have also worked with secondary colleagues in a number of other schools to support and advise on both Dance and Teaching and Learning.

More recently, I have shared good practice within my team and have completed learning walks using the enquiry approach. As a trained coach I have been able to work with NQTs, colleagues that require improvement and CTL’s that need to share and reflect upon leadership challenges. I have worked with several colleagues using coaching methods to develop both teaching and leadership. As well as being responsible for a faculty at the Secondary school I am based at, I have also taken on the role of ITT co-ordinator and NQT tutor. I have established closed links with Sheffield Hallam University, BTSA and YTCA. 3 years ago was an external assessor for Sheffield Hallam and EM Direct on the Graduate Teacher Programme.

I am also an experienced moderator for AQA GCSE Dance and I am standardised by the exam board each year. I have offered support to numerous Barnsley Secondary schools in both the delivery of the course and in the accuracy of assessments.

I have a passion for understanding learners to promote a reflective child centered learning environment, where students knew themselves, knew what made them learn and what teaching environment was conducive to learning. I have in the past, explored what ‘good learners’ looked like and how we can promote ‘deep’ learning. I would thrive at the opportunity to undertake research activities on behalf of teaching schools in order to share findings and implement strategies to overall improve the learning experience.