Nazreen Khan – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: English

At my current school the success of the English department has been externally verified by OFSTED in July 2014 (the new framework) who cite the attainment of pupils in English at the end of KS4 as one of the reasons the school is Good School.  In 2012 the English progress for the school was 50% for Expected Progress and 12% for above Expected Progress. In 2014 this had improved to 75% for Expected Progress and 24% for above Expected Progress.

Aside from the results themselves what I feel has been one of the most significant impacts of my contribution as a leader has been the way in which the distributed model of leadership in the English department has meant that succession planning has been factored in.  I have endeavoured to strengthen the team by implementing a model that has allowed people to take on more responsibilities and thus develop their own leadership styles. The fruition of this is that at present the English department has 3 internal candidates promoted to substantial English leadership posts within this academic year.

I have also demonstrated my commitment to working with other schools in the borough by being a regular attendee and contributor of the Barnsley Subject Meetings –one of the off shoots of this included supporting another school in Barnsley with the assessment of their Language Coursework.