Michael O’Brien – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: Assessment.

During my time as Subject TLR and Associate Senior Leader I have overhauled Departmental Tracking and Assessment processes to provide sensitive and accurate information at all levels.

I have recently become an SLE for BTSA and believe I could support schools by focusing on how departmental curriculum design for assessment would support consistency, Quality Assurance, and accurate measurement of student and cohort performance. Alongside this approach, each departmental member could potentially see a subsequent improvement in work load efficiency and time spent processing information, as well as providing advice on how departmental leadership can better use the information. With a high standard of curriculum design for assessment, departments would be better equipped to provide accurate intervention for individuals and groups of students . At the Secondary school I currently work at, I have embedded Tracking and Assessment tools in Core Subjects and beyond to achieve these outcomes. The input would be relevant at both Departmental level for KS3, GCSE and A Level (ALPs), but also at Data Team level where there is a need to improve consistency and accuracy with both current working measures and predictions.