Marie Harper – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: SEN

I have previously worked as a teacher in a range of different special schools across Yorkshire where I led classes in key stages in 1 and 2.

I joined my current school around six years ago, and enjoyed the challenge of moving from primary to secondary, leading year 11 students on highly individualised accreditation programmes.

My current school is for children and young people who have severe and complex learning difficulties.

I immediately developed my skills in managing challenging behaviours, supporting children with communication difficulties, sensory processing issues and physical disabilities.  I have participated in training for Advanced Team Teach and regularly support students across the School (2-19 provision) with managing their feelings and behaviour as a member of the Alarm Response Team.

In addition I have also attended external training focusing on students with sensory difficulties, I lead a team by running weekly meetings to devise highly personalised programmes of activities designed to reduce challenging behaviours.

I am also responsible for leading literacy across the school.  This involves delivering regular training to staff, driving change and monitoring progress.

I am currently providing outreach support for colleagues in a mainstream school Re: sensory issues and challenging behaviour.  I have also supported colleagues in mainstream secondary with assessment for students with SEN.