Malcolm Baker – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: Behaviour, Nurture, Leadership of CPD, SEN

My personal background, including my personality, knowledge, experiences and ethics, underpins my interest in the area of behaviour, discipline and attendance. I am also keen to promote the emotional health and wellbeing of students and the staff who work to support them. In this way, the values and goals advocated by the school may be seen as mirroring those of my own.

This clarity of purpose and the integrity that stems from the alignment of personal and professional values means that in my current position as Pastoral Manager, I am able to enact many of the core principles and goals of the school. As Pastoral Manager, I supervise staff as they work within frameworks and protocols that promote tolerance and respect for all members of the school community. I also encourage staff to reflect on how their own personalities and backgrounds may influence their actions and interactions as part of their role.

Over the last three years my current school has seen a significant reduction in the positive handling of students and the time taken to turn them around so they can carry on with their learning. This is because staff manages behaviour very effectively and has developed excellent strategies to ensure that pupils fully understand the impact of their actions on others. For example in lessons, individuals were seen very quickly reflecting on how their behaviour might affect the learning of others and with remarkable resolve and determination, regained composure and returned to task. Incidents of bad behaviour are rare. Improvements in behaviour over time are remarkable and the number of incidents of misbehaviour has reduced markedly year on year. This was mentioned in the schools last outstanding Ofsted judgement. As a result of this I was tasked to work with staff and Senior Leadership Teams in other schools to further develop their strategies and understanding around behavioural issues.

My expertise as a Team-Teach trainer allows me the opportunity to have a direct impact on the development of appropriate behaviour management strategies for use with colleagues across the school, service and indeed wider authority. Through the delivery of Team-Teach I have now helped to develop over two thousand school staff across the Barnsley borough in the use of resilient and well-rehearsed approaches which over time have helped to influence behavioural change, which in turn has helped to maintain an effective teaching and learning environment.