Luke Mitchell – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: Leadership of  CPD

Through delivering specific training on various aspects of behaviour management from de-escalation to post incident learning. I have set up sessions where I lead activities that help staff to maintain pupil’s excellent behaviour.  I implement effective strategies to help children regulate their emotions which help make a strong contribution to an exceptionally positive climate for learning. Through consistent support and guidance for staff and pupils I am managing to maintain excellent improvements in behaviour over time for individuals or groups with particular behaviour needs.

Some schools want to know what specific strategies to use with children with various SEN conditions and how to make reasonable adjustments for these children. Again my area of expertise allows me to support school leaders in these areas of development, with them having full trust and confidence in my ability to do so. I deliver multiple courses such as the confrontational management course where staffs from many settings come in to witness first hand my behaviour management skills and how to apply them to specific situations. Once staff have participated in this course I then help them to develop the areas of behaviour management they feel need improvement, this can be anything from looking at the ethos and values of a school to assisting children with anger management issues.

Alongside the outreach work for other schools all my practice is shared with my current school. As part of the leader of the care team I am putting into practice these skills on a daily basis with the children and constantly supporting staff whether it’s through CPD or lesson observations, based specifically around behaviour management. In our most recent OFSTED inspection we were judged outstanding I feel my contribution as a leader with expertise in behaviour management and SEN significantly helped the school to achieve this.

I am Currently a senior employee tutor in team-teach delivering 6 and 12 hour courses to a range of mainstream and special schools across Barnsley and Grimsby.