Lesley Sullivan – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: English

Most recently I have been leading the redesign of the school English curriculum.

I have worked to develop a clear focus in line with changing and challenging curriculum.  The result has been to focus the whole school staff on a skills based approach to English in line with the new national curriculum and STA expectations.

The adoption of this new approach has been supported by monitoring through: work scrutiny, lesson observations, enquiry walks, pupil progress analysis and writing clinics.  Colleagues have been further supported through lesson studies and providing feedback, support, training and mentoring on an individual and whole school basis (twilights and insets).

I have also developed the lesson observation focus and tracking systems for progress of children in reading, writing, in particular ensuring an increased SPaG focus.

I believe this work has given me a clear overview of ‘the story of English’ and the ability to highlight and address gaps that needed to be addressed and improve strategic focus, all of which has had a dramatic and direct impact on outcomes for children.

I am continuing to work with other colleagues both in school and outside of school, sharing best practice, providing direction, training, coaching and mentoring to improve knowledge and understanding of changes in the English and other foundation curriculums, focussed analysis and accurate measurement of progress.  This work of support, coaching and mentoring is further supported through my work as an SLE and a facilitator for the Outstanding and Improving teacher programmes.

I am also responsible for the whole school redesign of the creative curriculum and ICT schemes of work, in which I also introduced a progression of skills, based approach.

Having worked in business for many years, I have experience of many stakeholders and the proven ability to provide support and training to different groups.