Kirsty Vickers – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: Geography

While at my current school I have had impact on teaching and learning at an individual/departmental/whole school level.

I am a trained coach, and in previous academic years I have worked alongside others to develop their teaching, moving colleagues from 3 to 1 grading for lessons.

I am currently a pedagogy leader, which has involved working with individuals to strengthen their teaching and learning toolkit. I also work within the schools pedagogy group to develop teaching and learning rubrics to support the development of teaching and learning within the school.

I have implemented strategies to move the geography department teaching and learning profile forward. Developing the timeline to outstanding saw the profile of the department move from satisfactory/good to 100% good/outstanding lessons. At this current time I am leading a project to boost differentiation within the department, and the effectiveness of flexible grouping.

On a whole school level I have been involved with the learning and teaching team, developing and delivering Inset to develop teaching and learning strategies. I also helped to develop teaching and learning tool kit, to encourage sharing best practice among all staff – not just within departments but whole school. My work as a pedagogy leader is currently developing whole school initiatives to further develop and enhance teaching and learning.