Keith Hirst – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: Teaching & Learning.

As an SLE I carried out the following work to impact schools who require support and improvement:

  • I have worked within Barnsley (Wombwell) and Derbyshire (Bolsover) school to establish VLE and webcast technologies to extend learning beyond the classroom and to enhance teaching and learning. For Bolsover School the focus was on using the VLE to establish rigorous ‘student voice’ mechanisms. The impact on Wombwell school resulted in new VLE established and was implemented by staff in focus departments. Bolsover impact resulted in SLT and HoD were  trained in the use of Moodle (VLE) for student voice and QA purposes. All student voice exercises, as part of school MER process, in 2012, conducted using the new system.
  • Previously I have worked within Rotherham schools on approaches to teaching Business and Economics.
  • I have also being involved with Establishing a Wickersley Parental Engagement Project named ‘School Ties’ which included feeder primary schools. The aim of this project was to identify families who may prove to be hard to engage and to put in place systems to remove this barrier. Current impact of this Parental Engagement Project at Wickersley has resulted and identified that engagement and relationships has improved with over 31 students and families.