Kate Bancroft – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: P.E, ITT & NQT Development

I have supported the improvement of the T&L profile of my current school alongside the other T&L advocates and the AP for T&L, which was seen to have only 64% of their teachers delivering good lessons 3 years ago – now we have 100%.One of the systems that I have reinforced is the learner plan, which Ofsted commented was the main drive for the improvement of our schools quality of teaching. Around the learner plan I have mostly spent time with staff looking at how to write the progress indicators, encouraging staff to consider blooms & solo taxonomy and setting challenges goals that students can achieve. I have been involved with staff doing some joint planning & delivery of lessons in order to build staff’s confidence & to also demonstrate how progress needs to be evident throughout the lesson. The learner plan has had 100% impact and now we expect all staff to display progress indicators in their classroom and for students to understand and to be able to talk about the progress they are making.

Another area of T&L at my school that I have supported is coaching, which I received external training. Within these coaching sessions I work 1 to 1 with staff and support them in their planning and teaching. Through staff voice of those that engaged in the coaching they found the experience very positive and this was also evaluated through asking staff to complete questionnaires. Through Lesson Observations & Performance Management it was also evident that staff were developing.

After our observations our AP for T&L looks at what developmental areas have been suggested the most across school and this then determines what CPD, we the advocates will plan and deliver. Over the past 3 years I have delivered numerous workshops on AfL, students leading their own learning, hooks into learning, revision ideas and differentiation. All these workshops have been well received by staff and I have delivered them to a variety of staff who have different levels of teaching experiences, from NQTS & RQTS to the very experienced.

As part of the T&L group I have also helped to move things forward in terms of our marking & assessment policy, the use of iris and the BYOD policy which have all had impact in  improving the progress of students, lesson engagement and their overall school experience.

As Lead Head of House my role has been to increase the profile of the student leadership team, improve tutor time, student voice and the schools reward system.

The student leadership team have met weekly, wrote their own agendas and minutes, organised and ran events to raise money for the school charity, wrote on the student blog in response to students questions and suggestions and they have also been into assemblies every 3 weeks to keep students updated with student voice and the changes that have been happening due to their suggestions.  Students across school now see the importance and impact that the student leadership team has and how if they speak up they can alter their school experience for the better, including tutor time and rewards. The success of this team has also been evident through the increased number of applicants to be prefects and be considered for the student leadership team.

The next step for me is to be involved in moving our school forward towards a character education school where students are at the centre, this is something that once we have got moving with I would love to share with other schools.