Jodie Gregory – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: PE, Middle Leadership.

Within my role as an SLE I have took part in the following to support colleagues, students and others schools to improve and encourage school improvement:

  • Providing outstanding training to produce outstanding teachers through Schools Direct.
  • Creating new policies including marking & assessment and intervention to address staff performance and student support pitfalls.
  • Introducing AfL systems to aid and improve work scrutiny.
  • Initiating a life without levels system in PE.
  • Using organisation and leadership to maintain the outstanding performance of a diverse department (4 SLT members, 1 HoH, 1 T&L advocate/Lead HoH &1 unqualified) including a calendar and bulletin.
  • Enhancing the use of data tracking to inform predictions, intervention & increase impact.
  • Using external products such as zig zag & emampro to boost revision & make assessments more valid.
  • Implementation of a G4G policy in PE (students demonstrating evidence of acting upon feedback in order to improve).
  • Using AQA ERA to better inform and strengthen exam analysis reports & forward planning.


  • Establishing networks with Barnsley PE middle leaders and taking a lead role in meetings and collaboration.