Joanne Boreham – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: School Business Management

Prior to joining the education sector I spent 19 years working in the financial sector for a major high street bank. I started my banking career in a customer facing role situated in a high street branch but later progressed to spend a number of years in commercial banking, process re-design, change management and marketing departments. I moved to the education sector in 2005, initially to a large secondary school and then into the position of School Business Manager at my current school in 2011.

As School Business Manager I am responsible for the following areas:

  • Financial Management
  • Premises Management
  • Human Resources
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • Health & Safety

I am particularly interested in how effective business management can free up resources to enable the provision an outstanding education for all children. I focus on:

  • Driving cost efficiencies by continually applying the principles of best value
  • Managing change and implementing better working practices through process re-design and the use of technology to improve efficiency
  • Collaboration with other schools to share best practice and make cost savings.

I understand the impact that excellent school business management can have on a school both in terms of cost savings, income generation and freeing up the time of senior leaders to enable them to focus on teaching and learning.

I appreciate that some schools may not have access to the expertise and resulting benefits that a School Business Manager can bring. Implementing the changes required in the currently fast changing and evolving education sector can be a challenge.

I have both the motivation and the willingness to share my knowledge and expertise and to work collaboratively with other schools to ensure that they are able to positively embrace these challenges and opportunities and implement these best practices to ensure an outstanding education for all pupils.