Elouise Henderson – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism – History, developing and improving Teaching and Learning.

I have had an important role in school improvement both at a department and whole school level. Firstly, as CAL for History I developed a more positive ethos in the department to improve results overall. Through modelling good practise and sharing examples of outstanding teaching I was able to raise expectations of staff and support them in planning and reviewing schemes of work. I have developed new assessment systems within KS3 to ensure that the skills that were assessed at GCSE were replicated at KS3 and that students had very early practise at answering exam style questions.

In June 2014, 86.4% of students secured an A* to C grade at GCSE compared to 61% in 2012. I also secured a 10% increase in the number of students securing 3 levels of progress this academic year with the final percentage set at 79.7%. Our ALPS rating has also improved due to an improved tracking and intervention system and developments in T&L strategies at Post-16. This year, we secured an ALPS rating of a 3 with 76.5% of students achieving their ALPS target with 20.5 % of students achieving an A grade at AS. In 2012 our ALPS rating for AS results was a 7. On a whole school level I supported colleagues in the introduction of the learner plan where the needs of the learner are placed at the centre of the planning process and by grouping students using prior data it is able to both stretch and support the individuals in the classroom.

I have run further INSET workshops on differentiation, interactive use of the learner plan to ensure students make outstanding progress and student-led learning. I have used IRIS technology within my classroom to support colleagues by sharing outstanding practise.

Most recently, I have led the secondary network meetings for History that were launched at the end of last academic year and supported colleagues from nearby schools in implementing new A-Level courses and in the moderation and marking of milestone assessments to ensure that there is consistency.