David Taylor – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism – Mathematics.

As an SLE I have worked with colleagues who have been newly appointed as maths subject leaders to develop action planning and monitoring procedures. I also deliver INSET and CPD sessions to individual schools or groups of schools. I have supported schools and HUB groups to design and implement common calculation frameworks and policies. Previously, I have acted as a reviewer to schools by focusing upon the quality of teaching and learning in Mathematics and supporting schools in the self-evaluation process. Additionally, I am a question setter for the Level 6 KS2 maths papers and part of the consultation team that meets yearly to review the level thresholds for SATS. In the past, I have worked with the former National Strategies Agency to develop the learning environments in a number of schools and also run Maths workshops for higher attaining pupils throughout Barnsley and Rotherham. As an SLE I have also played a key part in the delivery of Maths twilight sessions for trainees on the BTSA School Direct programme. I am currently particularly interested in developing pupil resilience in maths.