Dan Foster – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: Behaviour & Discipline

As part of the Education Support Services lead for behavioural interventions I have supported leaders at various levels across sixteen mainstream primary and secondary schools in Barnsley and one educational establishment based within a residential Child and Adolescent Mental Health organisation in Sheffield.


The interventions I have been responsible for leading within these provisions has included delivering and monitoring impact of bespoke training packages to various teams of practitioners in line with school improvement plans, working collaboratively with head teachers and SENCO’s within schools and modelling and coaching the work of staff teams to facilitate functional analysis of pupil behaviour and the implementation, monitoring and reviewing of successful Positive Intervention Plans (PIPs) for those individual and groups of children with additional needs at risk of school exclusion and social isolation or subject to reduced partial timetables due to socially invalid behaviour.


The impact of this work has been exceptionally well commended by head teachers and partner agencies and has enabled growth and development within commissioning schools’ leadership capabilities in reducing and removing significant barriers to pupils’ learning and academic achievement.

Schools I support continue to report that following my interventions they feel empowered to effectively self-analyse and to implement appropriate wider-school programmes and interventions to achieve and embed positive behaviour and safety.


My knowledge, understanding and commitment to Functional Behaviour Analysis, proactive and reactive behaviour management and modification strategies, post-incident listening and learning techniques and benefits of post-incident relationship reparation, as well as my personal passion for working to reduce restrictive physical interventions in accordance with British Institute of Learning Disabilities Code of Practice are qualities that can contribute to the development and empowerment of other leaders, colleagues, settings and ultimately the children and young people.

Working at an analytical, evaluatory and creative level I have the experience, qualities and abilities to lead, coach and guide the work of others in a priority-led style to drive up standards in behaviour and discipline which directly promote academic progress in line with school improvement plans.