Charlotte Isherwood – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism:  Art, Leadership of CPD, Assessment

At my own school I significantly challenged the way marking was done in the department. It was my first year as head of department at the school and I was getting used to a new examination board but I felt pupils didn’t know in enough detail how to improve their work The assessment objectives weren’t being made explicit and the pupils didn’t know why they were being asked to do specific tasks or what assessment objective the needed to work on. I encouraged the staff to use the feedback sheets provided by WJEC and give actual marks rather than grades so pupils became more aware of how to get extra marks and then improve their grade overall. Staff became better at giving specific tasks to pupils that would make the difference in their marks as they were clearer on where pupils were losing marks. As a result we achieved 100% A*-C this year, 11% better than last year.

I worked with a Head of Department and an RQT who were, to begin with, very defensive about how they planned and carried out the GCSE Art and design curriculum. I worked in a very supportive way, showing them work done by the pupils I taught and explaining how we planned each individual’s  but also giving ideas as to what they could do with individuals of all abilities that they taught. The staff quickly realized where they were going wrong and through talking through ideas they saw that what I was suggesting wasn’t beyond them and that they could quickly improve the grades. When I returned the pupils work reflected the changes a suggested and the staff were proud to show me the work that had been produced.