Cara Quibell – SLE Pen Portrait

SLE Specialism: Science, ITT & NQT Development, Leadership of CPD

I have been the Head of Science since joining my current school in September 2012. The department has progressed through a thorough and sustained process of development and improvement in these last 3 years. I am committed to raising the achievement of all students with teaching and learning being core to everything we do. I believe all lessons should be personalised, engaging and motivating and address the individual needs of students. The development of the Science Department and in particular reducing the variability within it has been my main focus since I started the role. I enjoy the challenges and responsibilities of leadership and the opportunity to be able to help others develop and also to identify and nurture potential future leaders.

As a member of the whole school teaching and learning team I have worked closely with several deputy and assistant heads to promote inspirational and engaging teaching strategies throughout the whole school. I have facilitated a PLC comprising of classroom teachers, other middle leaders and senior leaders to evaluate and enhance teaching and learning within the school. My valuable and varied experiences in different roles and schools motivates me to guide others to successfully overcome barriers by assessing their individual needs. I am able to challenge limitations, promote high quality values and strategize appropriate actions in order to develop both individuals and teams to maximise pupil progress.