Upcoming R&D Projects – Spring/Summer 2014

Are you interested in getting more involved with our research and development work? Over the Spring and Summer terms there are a number of smaller R&D projects running across the alliance which you may be interested in getting involved with.

Using iPads to support Reading & Guided Reading
This is a development project focusing on the getting the most out of mobile devices to support reading. What does really effective use of the devices and tools look like? What impact do they have on engagement and progress when they are used in a highly effective way? So far classes involved in this project are in Y3 and Y4.

Dough Gym for older children: Can it help to improve handwriting for older learners?
This R&D project uses dough gym principles as a basis for a handwriting intervention. As part of a small pre-trial a bespoke programme of dough gym related activities is currently running with Learners from Y2, Y5 and Y6 aimed to develop strength, dexterity and motor control with a view to improving pencil grip and legibility of handwriting. The TSA are looking for schools who may be interested in further developing this trail into a bigger research and development project throughout the summer term

Lesson Study Project: What does a really high quality shared and modelled writing session look like?
This project will follow a lesson study format in order to identify the key elements of really effective pedagogy around shared and modelled writing. This project is starting immediately after half term.

Using Evernote to support writing
This development project seeks to find out more about how we can use this powerful and sophisticated app to support learners progress in writing. The project not only looks at how we use the tool to draft and edit text but how we can utilise the built in tools of the app to give explicit feedback.

1:1 devices and the use of iTunes U
This is a development project currently running in Y6. Teachers are exploring how the tool can be used effectively to support differentiation and personalised instruction with the aim for securing accelerated progress for all (flipped classroom ideology)

If you would like to get involved in any of these projects or would like to set up a project of your own please get in touch. The TSA can support your R&D work in a number of ways. If you would like more information about any of our R&D work please contact:

Julie Tallant (Teaching School Manager) julietallant@wcpsandrscc.co.uking
Louise Dring (R&D Lead) – louisedring@wcpsandrscc.co.uk
Verity Watts (R&D Lead) – vwatts@barnsley.org

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